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Above is a turbocharged Tarta OVH 12.7-litre V8 diesel with direct fuel injection. This engine powers more than just trucks, busses and construction equipment. It powers whole cities.

Diesel engines provide energy to the vehicles that move the world. And as long as these engines are so ingrained in our lives, there will be a need for qualified diesel technicians to service them. Want to become one of them? The automotive training center's latest E-Book can help.  

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • The various types of Diesel engines you are likely to encounter in the field
  • How clean diesel engines are moving from trucks to fuel-efficient cars
  • Where to look for your diesel career
  • And MORE!

Whether you want to know how to power through a mudhole on an off-roading excursion or bring your city's bus fleet into environmental compliance, visiting a diesel school is the first step to a new career. Fill out the form to the  right to get started.