Clean Diesel E BookWhen most people think of diesel, they think of bulky, sputtering trucks spitting black smog into the atmosphere. So it may come as a surprise that some of the most fuel-efficient models hitting car lots this year are diesel models.

This trend begs one question: What's so special about Clean Diesel? In this comparison, you will see how three of the top Clean Diesel contenders stack up against one another! 

In this e-book, you'll discover:

  • How Germany is leading a revolution
  • How Clean Diesel is bringing power AND fuel efficiency to luxury SUVs
  • How BMW retooled the X-Drive system
  • And MUCH MORE!

Check out what Clean Diesel innovators have in store for you and what mechanics and diesel training students will likely see in their shops for years to come. Fill out the form to the right to get your e-book today!